Copenhagen declaration was adopted

On 12-13 April 2018 Danish chairmanship of the Council of Europe held a High-Level Conference in Copenhagen on the continuous reforms of the European Convention of Human Rights system. As a result Copenhagen declaration was adopted.

Being an integral part of the process launched in Interlaken in 2010, this political document continues the logic of the declarations adopted in High-Level Conferences of Interlaken in 2010, Izmir in 2011, Brighton in 2012 and Brussels in 2015 and aims at creating a more balanced system and contributing to the improvement of protection.

47 member states of CoE, the General Secretary of the CoE, the Presidents of European Court of Human Rights and Parliamentary Assembly, Commissioner on Human Rights, as well as other key participants were present in Copenhagen High-Level Conference.

The head of the delegation of the Republic of Armenia was the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, the Deputy Representative of Armenia before the European Court of Human Rights Mr. Artak Asatryan. Welcoming the reform process of the Convention system the Deputy Minister reiterated the state’s commitment to ensure the national implementation of the Convention and to take appropriate steps to ensure proper functioning of the system at national level.

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