Group of cases Ashot Harutyunyan v. Armenia (application no. 34334/04, final on 15.09.2010)
Group of cases Gabrielyan v. Armenia (application no. 8088/05, final on 10.07.12)
Group of cases Poghosyan v. Armenia (application no. 44068/07, final on 20.03.2012)
Case of Sefilyan v. Armenia (application no. 22491/08, final on 02.01.2013)
Group of cases Virabyan v. Armenia (application no. 40094/05, final on 02.01.2013)
Case of Domazyan v. Armenia (application no. 22558/07, final on 25.05.2016)
Group of cases Avakemyan v. Armenia (application no. 39563/09, final on 30.03.17)
Group of cases Zalyan and others v. Armenia (applications no. 36894/04 and 3521/07, final on 17.06.2016)
Case of Muradyan v. Armenia (application no.11275/07, final on 24.02.2017)
Group of cases Karen Poghosyan v. Armenia (application no. 62356/09, final on 30.06.16)
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