Trilateral Working Meeting

On 1 October 2015 a trilateral working meeting took place in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia between Mr. Arman Tatoyan, Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Government Agent of Armenia before the ECtHR, Ms. Stéphanie Grisard, Co-agent of the Belgian Government before the ECtHR, and Ms. Eliza Suchozebrska, Co-agent of the Polish Government before the ECtHR. The staff of the Department for Relations with the Eruopean Court of Human Rights, headed by Mr. Artyom Sedrakyan, Head of the Department, also took part in the meeting.

Mr. Arman Tatoyan welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude for their participation in the launching of the official website of the Government Representation before the European Court of Human Rights, emphasizing the importance of such meetings from the aspect of exchange of best practice on the issues of common interest.

The guests expressed appreciation for warm reception and shared their impressions regarding the website.

The participants engaged in an efficient discussion with regards to a number of issues. In particular, the parties presented the procedures of drafting the official observations of the Government to be submitted to the Court, the frames of the cooperation with different state agencies, exchanged views on legislative amendments at the outcome of the execution of the Court’s judgments.

The guests especially highlighted the significance of the newly established Division for Execution of Judgments and Implementation of Convention Requirements within the Department for Relations with the European Court of Human Rights at the Armenian Ministry of Justice and expressed their willingness to establish a similar unit in their States.

Eventually, the parties expressed mutual gratification for the effective dialogue and affirmed anticipation for a continuous cooperation.

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